Welcome to plant science laboratory, faculty of agriculture, the university of lampung. This laboratory is one of supporting facilities in udergrad program of agrotechnology

This lab functions both as teaching and research lab, supporting courses related to plant sciences, such as biology, plant physiology, plant tissue culture technology, plant propagation, and plant biotechnology. Some students as well as lecturers can use this laboratory doing their research works in plant tissue culture and plant molecular biology topics.

Agricultural Product Chemical and Biochemical Analysis Laboratory is one of the laboratories in the faculty of agriculture. This laboratory supports the achievement of Programe Learning Outcome such as students can apply Agricultur Product Technology concepts and analysis to solve a problem.

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The Agricultural Product Processing Laboratory is one of the laboratories at the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Lampung. The Agricultural Product Processing Laboratory is prioritized to develop processing and engineering of agricultural products such as processing design, new product development, preservation technology, packaging and storage.

Welcome In Lab Of Soil Science, Faculty Of Agriculture

Laboratory of soil science consist of 3 sub laboratories, namely soil physic lab, soil chemistry lab, and soil biologi lab. All the laboratories have modern and sophisticated equipment such as: atomic absorbtion, icp, gc, hplc, spectrofotometer, pressure plate apparatus, etc.

Business Management and Family Resources Laboratory (BMFR)

The Business Management and Family Resource Laboratory (BMFR) is one of two laboratories that serves and operates in the Agribusiness Study Program. The BMFR Laboratory  is located on the 1st floor of the Agribusiness Department building, which is equipped with several facilities, namely: a)  a discussion room; b) a production room; and c) the Agriiku Corner.

By virtue of its excellence in enforcing one of the Tri Dharma Indonesian College visions, the BMFR Laboratory  facilitates a several activities among the agribusiness academics and scholars, which include education, research, and community service.

Welcome to Laboratory of agricultural product microbiology. This laboratory is located on the third flour of the THP Building with in area 200 m2 with the capacity of 20-40 people. This laboratory is Under the Study program of Agricultural Product Technology (UP-APT). Faculty of Agriculture, University of Lampung.

Agricultural Product Microbiology Laboratory provides practical services/practicum for undergraduate & post graduate student related to microbiology courses. The practicum related to basic microbiology is served for first year of undergraduate student, while Applied microbiology, such as Industrial Microbiology and Fermentation Technology, are served for student in the higher semester level, and practicum of Microbial based-agroindustry is for the post graduate student.

The Extension and Community development Laboratory is one of the laboratories in the Department of Agribusiness, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Lampung. This lab is assigned to support the learning process for students

This laboratory has a vision to be an excellent laboratory in the threefold missions of higher education (Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi) specializing in extension and community development. So that, the mission of the laboratory are serving practical activities for courses, research activities, development community services of science and technology , and establishing cooperation with stakeholders .

For laboratory service activities, it provides services for the implementation of community service and research. Some of the courses served in this laboratory include rural sociology, community development, extension methods and techniques.

To support the learning process for students, it must be supported by laboratory equipments in line with technological developments. So, it provides good facilities such as LCD projectors, cameras, camcorder, handycam, printer, and computers with adequate software to support course practice, such as data anlysis programme and video maker applications to make videos for agricultural extension activities.

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Tulis Keterangan disini

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Tulis Keterangan disini

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